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New to WPC? We have a program just for you!
Kati Quigley
WPC Experience Ambassador
4/25/2013 3:30 PM
Hello partners!
Did you know that every year at WPC we see that about 25 - 30% of partner attendees are first time attendees? With over 16,000 attendees from all over the globe converging in Houston this coming July, we’re focused on enabling partners to maximize their time by creating new opportunities to grow their business.  That is why this year we’ve created a plan to help partners who are attending for the first time.
I’ve attended and have planned numerous conferences over the years and recognize that WPC, with over 16,000 attendees, could be overwhelming for someone who hasn’t previously attended. I’ve heard from partners that it can sometimes take up to a day and a half to determine how to make the most of your time. We want to decrease that learning curve at WPC and give new attendees the tools and resources to be prepared to optimize their time in Houston.
If you’re a first time attendee, here’s what you can expect: before the event, new attendees will have a chance to hear directly from partners like Harry Zgnilek from EDI Gateway who has attended WPC for many years and shares his insights into how to make the most of your WPC. Along with the videos, we will have weekly updates via Twitter #new2wpc until mid-June. At that point, we will post new tips and tricks like the one below every day:
#New2WPC or unsure what to expect in Houston? Get a glimpse at what Houston’s all about #WPC13. #mspartner
For those of you who want even more suggestions for success, mark your calendars for a webinar in mid-May with Julie Simpson, the Managing Director at ResourceiT Consulting Ltd. Julie will share her recommendations and answer your questions. You won’t want to miss it!
Once at the conference, alumni attendees will act as mentors for first time attendees. To facilitate intentional networking with like-minded partners and with Microsoft employees there will be designated seating areas for first time attendees at the Vision Keynotes, and designated “meet-up” spots under #new2WPC banners at the major social gatherings. Our commitment to facilitating your networking needs doesn’t end there. WPC Connect continues to provide you with the means to jumpstart your outreach—if you haven’t signed up yet, you might be missing out on the next big opportunity to grow your business. Once you’ve signed up, you can participate in the new attendee discussion board and review even more information on the exciting new First Time Attendee Program that can be found under the WPC Groups section.
Whether this year’s conference is your first or one of many, we can’t wait to show you why WPC 2013 is the must-attend partner event of the year!
27 Sep 2013 - Doin' my best. You're more the programmer than I. It's been fun and eltnghneiing to be here though. There's a post a day for this trip; you can keep a grammar check for me Talk to you soon, later
28 Jun 2013 - Thats nice information
August Craft (N.E.O.N.)
21 Jun 2013 - Thank you for all of this information.
19 Jun 2013 - looking forward for a powerful event
Paul v Niekerk
07 Jun 2013 - Great idea Us FTA's are so overwhelmed with information that it is good to have clear guidance from the experienced attendees
17 May 2013 - WPC is THE Best place for networking, knowledge, updates.....
Bill Hole
29 Apr 2013 - Here's the link for the first time attendee forum.
kaushal vyas
27 Apr 2013 - Grow Business is Global challenge and how to address this is very important to Share experience with global player like this platform is ideal and great feelings.
jaimin Shah
27 Apr 2013 - Gooe one
Kaushal Vyas
27 Apr 2013 - i like it

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