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Worldwide Partner Conference
Five simple tracks to help drive profitability.
This year at WPC, we are introducing a simplified content experience for you, reducing our amount of tracks to 5 major focus areas – Cloud, Big Data, Mobility & Devices, Enterprise Social, and Leadership, Sales & Marketing. These key market trends represent the current, most profitable models for Microsoft partners.

You will have the opportunity to attend more than 350 sessions within these focus areas. You can discover sessions that are tailored to your business needs and build your perfect schedule for WPC using our Session Scheduler in WPC Connect*.

Come learn how Microsoft solutions can help you achieve your business goals!
​We live in a world of increasing business velocity, near universal connectivity and noisy, competing messages. It has made the effectiveness of your leadership, sales and marketing even more important to your business success. Do you and your team have all the right tools? Microsoft has assembled top subject matter experts to offer practical insights that enable you to inject state-of-the-art marketing, sales and leadership techniques into your career and into your business.
​Welcome to the era of mobility. Access anytime. Connection anywhere. Device options. Apps for virtually every need. Customers want to embrace mobility but ask, “what about rising security threats to our business?” Microsoft is your source for complete mobility solutions. Unparalleled security management features. Devices and services that offer the breadth and resilience your customers require. Support for 24/7 access - on premises, hybrid or in the cloud.
​Industry experts tell us it’s increasingly a hybrid world. Forecasts predict customer demand will continue to evolve as solutions traverse physical, virtual and cloud platforms. Are you evolving your business model and making the right investments to take advantage of shifting customer needs? Only Microsoft offers the range of solution options necessary to deliver resilient cloud solutions that enable partners and customers to take efficiency, cost savings and agility to the next level.
Learn more at the Cloud Track Keynote.
​The world has become a giant network. Information moves rapidly, and people are more connected than ever before. Your customers are leveraging the power of social networks at home and at work to get more done, faster. To remain competitive, businesses need to change the way they work to avoid being disrupted. Learn how you can help your customers respond faster by harnessing the power of Microsoft's Enterprise Social vision.
​There’s never been a better time to tap into the value of big data for growing your business.  With data top on CIO and business leaders’ priority lists, it’s time to evolve your practice to the next level using new data solutions from Microsoft. Help your customers surface the value from big data, to ask and answer new questions, to predict and seize business opportunities, and ultimately to turn big data into business results.
 Learn more at the Big Data Track Keynote.
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