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Training Spotlight: Upcoming Practice Accelerator Sessions
Burke Fewel
Director, Partner Capability Development Management
1/29/2013 10:00 AM
Did you know that for 5 partner advisory hours, you can participate in sessions designed to help you build a technical services practice, improve your organizational capability, and enhance your ability to compete? That’s right – through Practice Accelerator sessions, you can get a detailed framework of resources that cover everything from pre-engagement to post-delivery and give you reusable tools, templates, and best practices.
The Practice Accelerator sessions for Optimized Desktop and Office 365 have recently been updated with new content and are also being delivered in a new format. For these two offerings, you can now take the courses over a 5-day period with a combination of live, virtual, instructor-led training as well as on-demand sessions. This delivery format gives you more flexibility to complete the courses.
Here’s a little bit more about these two offerings, including upcoming sessions – offered in English unless otherwise indicated.
Add Value with Office 365
Practice Accelerator for Office 365 provides resources to help you be ready to help your customers move to the cloud.
As a special offer, the Practice Accelerator for Office 365 is available at no cost to Cloud Essentials and Cloud Accelerate partners. And in case you missed it, enrollment to the Cloud Essentials program has been integrated with the MPN enrollment process, meaning anyone who enrolls in MPN is a Cloud Essentials partner. Which means that any Microsoft partner can take the Practice Accelerator for Office 365 for no cost!

Upcoming Office 365 sessions:
North America
February 4
Asia Pacific

Add Value with Optimized Desktop
New capabilities with Windows Intune, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012, and System Center 2012 Configuration Manager!
Practice Accelerator for Optimized Desktop can help you give customers the ability to control, manage, and secure their desktop infrastructures, while providing the power and flexibility users need to be productive.

Upcoming Optimized Desktop sessions:
North America
Asia Pacific
Note that we are in the process of updating our offerings on the MPN portal. Continue to check back in a few weeks for those updates, click directly on the links above to register today, or you can also search for “Practice Accelerator” offerings in the Partner Learning Center directly.
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