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Partnering in a New World
Julie Bennani
General Manager, Microsoft Partner Network
7/9/2013 7:00 AM
At WPC in Houston five years ago, we started talking about the growing importance of cloud computing.  Each year since, we have amplified our “embrace the cloud” message to partners while aggressively landing a strong portfolio of Microsoft cloud services.
Today, cloud is a natural part of every customer conversation and it’s only going to accelerate:
  • One in four of our enterprise customers has Office 365, and with an annual revenue run rate of >$1 billion Office 365 is on track to be one of the fastest growing businesses in Microsoft history.
  • We have seen over 40% growth in our all up enterprise cloud businesses with strong contribution from both hosting service providers, private cloud solutions and our own public cloud services.  Windows Azure alone is outgrowing the overall cloud market by >150 points.
  • By 2016, 45% of IT budgets will be devoted to cloud initiatives with 15% of that devoted to public cloud. (Source: IDC)
To capitalize on this customer opportunity and compete effectively, every Microsoft partner must be able to sell and deliver solutions that are fully or partially cloud based.  Given that, we are making a number of updates o the Microsoft Partner Network that ensure all partners are cloud capable.
  • Cloud Integration – Cloud Essentials and Cloud Accelerate program integration and a revamp of the Hosting partner program.
  • Device selling and application innovation – This includes Windows phone alignment, an increased focus on user experience design, and onboarding the Windows Embedded partners.
  • Winning the data center – Unifying our infrastructure go-to-market approach, amplifying our Cloud OS vision and further differentiating silver vs. gold based on solution scenario definition distinctions.
  • Business Analytics\Big Data Unlocking insight from any data, structured or unstructured, via our data platform.
To further complement these changes and the scaled connection our partners have via the Microsoft Partner Network online, we are also taking large steps to improve (1) Partners’ online experience as to how we capture and display your information and how we communicate with you; and (2) Improving and driving greater consistency and effectiveness around the technical benefits and support we provide our partners.
If you are attending WPC you will see these changes come through in numerous sessions.  Also, based on brand new IDC research, we are going to provide unique insight for partners on how to build a truly profitable cloud business.  Regardless of whether you are in Houston or not, I strongly encourage you to attend (or watch digitally) Jon Roskill’s Vision Keynote Wednesday (July 10th) where he will share tips and tricks on how to make this real.
If you are in Houston, please attend the MPN Value Keynote Wednesday afternoon (July 10th) where Anders Spatzek and I (as well as Brad Rappell, CEO of InverseCurve in Australia) will walk through all the key MPN changes for FY14 mentioned above in alignment with Microsoft’s overall strategic direction.  
Our team is ready to answer questions and help you understand how the updates will impact your business.  Please visit us at the Microsoft Partner Network Booth CC#11 or go here to review all the changes happening in the Microsoft Partner Network. 
As always, thank you for your partnership and commitment.
Dwaine Senechal
30 Oct 2013 - I am thankful for the Partner Program!
13 Oct 2013 - It all comes down to the speed of the internet connections. Small rural towns can't get anything faster than 3Mbit DSL if they are lucky. That will not work even for a small business trying to use office 365 other than email.
10 Oct 2013 - And now with the revelation that critical business information may be exposed without notification, even if only by secret subpoena or worse by open collaboration of the cloud operator, businesses are climbing down off of the cloud and back to an internal environment where they can maintain control and security of their business documents. Our clients either do not participate on "the cloud" or utilize their own internal clouds. Businesses depending on their IT for day to day continued operations would be foolish to put it all on a platform built of hot air.
10 Oct 2013 - Schließe mich Stefan an und möchte noch ergänzen, das gerade in Deutschland die rechtlichen Hürden für die Ablage von Daten in der Cloud ein extremes Hindernis sind. Unser oberster Datenschützer hat das auf einer seiner letzten Reden nochmals deutlich hervorgehoben, dass Personen bezogene Daten nichts in der „Cloud“ verloren haben. Auch die Bandbreiten werden immer eine Rolle spielen. Jeder muss für sich selbst entscheiden, was und wie er in der Cloud speichert, deshalb ist eine Ausrichtung nur in diese Richtung nicht zielführend.
10 Oct 2013 - And when we lost our work 160Mb internet connection for 7 days, due to car crash demolishing the street cabinet how would we cope then. We fell back to backup of 4Mb down 512Mb up ADSL line, email came in and went to onsite Exchange server fine, internal Office 2007/2010, SQL server etc etc all carried on working fine, but web browsing was unacceptably painfully slow. I suspect any cloudy based operations would be unusable. So we are expected to stop working for a week if we had gone to the "Cloud". I think not.
julien morgan
10 Oct 2013 - Cloud computing is fine for individual work if you live in a conurbation with excellent internet connection. For schools, with many simultaneous users logging on many times each day and accessing large files (video/photos), keeping all data and authentication within the LAN will always be preferable to being dependant on a decidedly flaky internet connection.
Patrick at
10 Oct 2013 - Cloud is fine for consumer-level work or simple data sharing but the deal breaker for me is that we can't yet run full Excel and VBA on the web. That would make me jump, if it was available. Until then, I'll work on the internal desktop because that's where the intensive work is done.
10 Oct 2013 - "Cloud" is just another hype that will go by. Stay with the solid solutions. Make them better.
10 Oct 2013 - Unsere Kunden wollen kein Cloud-Computing. Ich bin ganz der Meinung von Brian. Wir sollten diese Kunden nicht vergessen und diesen selber die Wahl lassen, wo Ihre Daten gespeichert werden. Von den Problemen durch schlechte Bandbreiten und aufkommender Volumenbegrenzung mal ganz zu schweigen!
10 Oct 2013 - There are a large number of customers for whom "the cloud" is never going to be part of "the conversation." Try not to forget about them.
Frank Byl -
10 Oct 2013 - Office 365 is so great for us and so easy to recommend to clients. It's a great opportunity
27 Sep 2013 - breath-taking crafting I have long been sytaing home for the purpose of a while, and yet nowadays I remember for what reason I just would always absolutely adore this unique blog. Thank you, I’ll make sure you investigate spine further often. The simplest way repeatedly most
23 Jul 2013 - The partner program is one of the finest in the world....Thank You...3steveco33

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