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Real. Local. Connections. Enhance the value of your Microsoft partnership with IAMCP.
​With thousands of members in countries all over the world and nearly 100 chapters, the IAMCP offers an easy vehicle for important business networking. Find your local chapter!
​Your input can be heard directly by the decision-makers at Microsoft through the united voice of the IAMCP.
​The IAMCP believes in demonstrating good corporate citizenship by serving the community through technology and humanitarian efforts.
Education and growth
​The IAMCP develops an array of programs to ensure partner readiness and success. View the Best Practices page to see just a few examples of how the IAMCP network can prepare you and your business for achieving your growth goals.
Who Can Join?
As of May 2010, the IAMCP expanded its membership offer to any company that is part of the Microsoft Partner Network - and they are also now inviting BizSpark members to join through a special promotion.
Why Should I Join?
The IAMCP focuses on four fundamental pillars: P.A.C.E.  These four pillars help you to maximize your business opportunities and join you with the professionals that are changing the trajectory of the IT industry. With an IAMCP chapter membership, you can be a part of that change—all while fostering the important personal and business relationships that lead to mutual growth.
See the FAQ on the IAMCP site for more information.
Costs and Commitments vary by Chapter – please contact your local Chapter for details – here.
Typical member involvement is 2-4 hours per month. If you are interested in participating in a committee, there may be an additional 2-10 hours each month.