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Good Traction. Great Partners!
Phil Sorgen
Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Partner Group
11/18/2013 3:00 PM
It’s been a terrific two months. I want to thank all of you for your support as I travel the world to learn more about your businesses and how Microsoft can help you achieve your business goals in this highly competitive, rapidly evolving industry.
While on the road in APAC I met partners in South Korea, Japan and China, and in Europe I spent time with partners in the UK and France. I am especially impressed by the work Dan Scarfe and his company Dot Net Solutions is doing in the UK. His company, which was focused solely on software development and system integration, has evolved its business model to include managed services. His small business has grown to include Office 365 and infrastructure focused services and has doubled Dot Net Solutions revenue in 12 months. Dan says that because Microsoft does all the heavy lifting on setting up and managing data centers, his company can focus on their real value add, which is managing the customer relationship and the wraparound services they package for their customers.  
This is just one example of the many stories I’m hearing from partners about their success moving to the cloud. I came home invigorated by the belief you have in Microsoft and inspired by the work you do for our customers every day.
Closer to Microsoft headquarters, I’ve seen some positive traction in top priority areas I shared with you in October.
Joint success in the cloud
You likely saw that Microsoft results for the first quarter of FY14 were strong. We grew 103% YOY in our commercial cloud revenue in Q1. We’re seeing more customers embrace Microsoft cloud solutions, and they are doing it through partners.
When I look to the incredible opportunities we have together now and in the years ahead, the cloud is front and center. I expect more and more partners will start implementing a hybrid cloud approach as they see the value to customers and their own business. The profitability from doing business in the cloud is there for partners who embrace it, find their niche, and scale. The additional training, support and incentives Microsoft provides cloud partners can help you every step of the way. How many times have you been asked about the cloud by your customers in the last year? You’ve got to have a compelling answer or the economics will eventually drive customers to take their business elsewhere.
Making it Easier to do business with Microsoft
It’s critical that we continue to do better here. Some partners I’ve spoken to have said they have seen improvement, but that navigating Microsoft can still be complex. My team is looking for opportunities large and small to simplify and remove roadblocks so you can spend more of your valuable time with customers.
To that end, the Microsoft Partner Network portal is in the process of making product pages on the portal easier to navigate, with streamlined content that includes readiness and sales resources. The roll out of this content started this month in English and will continue internationally over the next month. This is just one example of the full-scale effort to fight complexity on your behalf. I hope you find these pages easier to navigate, easier to get what you need when you need it, and simply a better experience. Here are some examples:
We are always looking for your feedback on how we can make working with us easier for you.
Closing the Quarter
We’re coming up on the close Microsoft’s fiscal first half, and many of you are finishing your year in December. Being in sales for my entire career, I know how hard you are working to close those deals and finish strong. I look forward to hearing about your revenue growth and profitability as we continue to win customers during this transformational time.
Thanks again for making my first 70 days a great experience. I believe so deeply in the power of our partnership and I will work hard every day to earn it. Please keep the feedback coming.
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