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Worldwide Partner Conference
Enterprise Social and Microsoft Partner Network cloud integration lead Day 2 of WPC
Jon Roskill
Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Partner Group, Microsoft
7/9/2013 8:30 AM
​Yesterday, we opened the Worldwide Partner Conference by talking about the partner opportunity in the cloud, big data, mobility and enterprise social.
Today, we are focusing on the emerging trend of enterprise social technologies – one that many of your customers are likely talking about – as well as announcing new updates on programs and incentives as part of the Microsoft Partner Network.  
There’s no doubt that social networks are redefining how we work together, and partners have an unprecedented opportunity to drive this new cornerstone of workplace collaboration.
In a global survey of 10,000 employees worldwide released today by Microsoft, we found out that large companies and SMBs purchase and adopt social tools in very different ways, leading to unique selling motions and partner opportunities. SMBs deploy a wider set of social tools for professional purposes – such as IM and external social networks – while enterprises deploy a smaller set of tools more broadly – such as team sites and video conferencing. Enterprises are also more likely to restrict social tools at work due to security concerns.
For both groups, however, nearly 50 percent of employees indicated that using enterprise social tools has increased their productivity, and many employees stated they would pay for these technologies out of their own pockets! This is a huge opportunity – and with technologies like Yammer, SharePoint, Lync and Dynamics CRM, Microsoft is committed to helping partners capitalize on it, helping customers large and small deploy enterprise social tools that are woven into how employees work every day.
Now, I’d like to switch gears and talk about what’s next for the Microsoft Partner Network. In just three years, MPN has quickly become a trusted resource for 430,000 partners worldwide. With the goal to simplify and offer more specialization to help partners compete effectively, we announced today a few updates to ensure that all partners are cloud capable. I encourage you to read Julie Bennani’s blog with more context and details, but here are a few highlights:
  • Cloud Integration – Cloud Essentials and Cloud Accelerate program integration and a revamp of the Hosting partner program.
  • Device selling and application innovation – This includes Windows phone alignment, an increased focus on user experience design, and onboarding the Windows Embedded partners.
  • Winning the data center – Unifying our infrastructure go-to-market approach, amplifying our Cloud OS vision and further differentiating silver vs. gold based on solution scenario definition distinctions.
  • Business Analytics/Big Data Unlocking insight from any data, structured or unstructured, via our data platform.
It’s our goal to bring you greater business opportunities. We believe that with all our 430,000 partners worldwide, we are on the right path to capitalizing on the customer opportunities ahead. 
There’s more to come tomorrow from WPC in Houston, as Kevin Turner takes the stage to talk about how we will compete and win with devices-and-services. Stay tuned.
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