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Congratulations to the 2013 Award Winners and Finalists
Jon Roskill
Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Partner Group, Microsoft
5/20/2013 8:15 AM
I am thrilled to announce the 2013 Partner of the Year Award Winners and Finalists.  These partners and their award nominations were truly exceptional.  Their accomplishments should be looked to as true examples of excellence for every Microsoft partner.
There were over 3000 nominations submitted from 106 different countries for the 44 different global award opportunities this year.  There are also 95 different Country Partner of the Year Awards celebrating the best partner achievements across the globe.  
Each partner nomination was judged blindly three times from a panel of over 600 Microsoft subject matter experts.  The review process for these awards is one of my favorite parts of my job because I get to review hundreds of examples of terrific partner achievement. I saw some familiar names in the mix this year, as well as some new “born in the cloud” partners and up-and-coming partners doing very innovative work.  From the five cloud technology award categories, to the brand new Pre-Sales Technical Specialist category, the winners not only met the needs of our customers, but they helped them meet their full business potential. That’s definitely worth celebrating.
Let me share with you a few great examples that show great partner successes: 
  • The winner of the Collaboration and Content Partner of the Year Award highlights a true and innovative co-partnership. Two partners from the United States:  NC4 and 6th Street Consulting worked together to successfully deploy an innovative application called SAFECOP for the Tampa Police Department in time for the 2012 Republic National Convention. The application, now titled StreetSmart, is hailed as a crime-fighting game changer and is currently integrated into every police vehicle within the Tampa Police Department.
  • The winner of the Public Sector: Health Partner of the Year Award is IN2 from Croatia.  Their state-of-the-art solutions eWaiting and eOrders are installed in more than 50 percent of hospitals across the country.  These IN2 solutions show the value of technology in modernizing health systems and transforming the delivery of health services in partnership with medical professionals and for the better health of citizens.
  • The winner of the Learning Partner of the Year Award is Global Knowledge from the United Kingdom. Using the latest collaborative tools and technologies, Global Knowledge offers a solution where the on-site and virtual students attend the same course, by providing the remote student a browser-based interface that allows the student to see and hear the tutor and in-person student, which enables virtual participants to communicate with on-site participants in real time.
So celebrate we will. Each of the 2013 Partner of the Year Award winners will be honored on the main stage during the Day 1 vision keynotes at WPC in Houston on July 8 and at an award winner luncheon with Steve Ballmer on the same day. Each winner and finalist will receive a packet of materials that they can use to market their successes to their customers and the industry all year long.
Congratulations to all of the 2013 Partner of the Year Award Winner and Finalists.  We can’t wait to learn more about you and to see the winners on stage at WPC. And I’m equally excited to see what all Microsoft partners do for our customers in the year ahead!
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