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Worldwide Partner Conference 2014
Congratulations to the 2013 Award Winners and Finalists
Jon Roskill
Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Partner Group, Microsoft
5/20/2013 8:15 AM
I am thrilled to announce the 2013 Partner of the Year Award Winners and Finalists.  These partners and their award nominations were truly exceptional.  Their accomplishments should be looked to as true examples of excellence for every Microsoft partner.
There were over 3000 nominations submitted from 106 different countries for the 44 different global award opportunities this year.  There are also 95 different Country Partner of the Year Awards celebrating the best partner achievements across the globe.  
Each partner nomination was judged blindly three times from a panel of over 600 Microsoft subject matter experts.  The review process for these awards is one of my favorite parts of my job because I get to review hundreds of examples of terrific partner achievement. I saw some familiar names in the mix this year, as well as some new “born in the cloud” partners and up-and-coming partners doing very innovative work.  From the five cloud technology award categories, to the brand new Pre-Sales Technical Specialist category, the winners not only met the needs of our customers, but they helped them meet their full business potential. That’s definitely worth celebrating.
Let me share with you a few great examples that show great partner successes: 
  • The winner of the Collaboration and Content Partner of the Year Award highlights a true and innovative co-partnership. Two partners from the United States:  NC4 and 6th Street Consulting worked together to successfully deploy an innovative application called SAFECOP for the Tampa Police Department in time for the 2012 Republic National Convention. The application, now titled StreetSmart, is hailed as a crime-fighting game changer and is currently integrated into every police vehicle within the Tampa Police Department.
  • The winner of the Public Sector: Health Partner of the Year Award is IN2 from Croatia.  Their state-of-the-art solutions eWaiting and eOrders are installed in more than 50 percent of hospitals across the country.  These IN2 solutions show the value of technology in modernizing health systems and transforming the delivery of health services in partnership with medical professionals and for the better health of citizens.
  • The winner of the Learning Partner of the Year Award is Global Knowledge from the United Kingdom. Using the latest collaborative tools and technologies, Global Knowledge offers a solution where the on-site and virtual students attend the same course, by providing the remote student a browser-based interface that allows the student to see and hear the tutor and in-person student, which enables virtual participants to communicate with on-site participants in real time.
So celebrate we will. Each of the 2013 Partner of the Year Award winners will be honored on the main stage during the Day 1 vision keynotes at WPC in Houston on July 8 and at an award winner luncheon with Steve Ballmer on the same day. Each winner and finalist will receive a packet of materials that they can use to market their successes to their customers and the industry all year long.
Congratulations to all of the 2013 Partner of the Year Award Winner and Finalists.  We can’t wait to learn more about you and to see the winners on stage at WPC. And I’m equally excited to see what all Microsoft partners do for our customers in the year ahead!
ric glowienka
21 Sep 2014 - Can you provide a source for your stats?
Sarah Greenwalt
19 Sep 2014 - Hi lindar -- This is Sarah Greenwalt, the Microsoft liaison to the IAMCP WIT Community. We would love to have you get involved. There are local communities in a number of areas around the US and the world, and its growing every month. Would you mind sending me an email so we can discuss further? I am happy to point you in the right direction.
Sarah Greenwalt
19 Sep 2014 - Hi lindar -- This is Sarah Greenwalt, the Microsoft liaison to the IAMCP WIT Community. We would love to have you get involved. There are local communities in a number of areas around the US and the world, and its growing every month. Would you mind sending me an email so we can discuss further? I am happy to point you in the right direction.
MPN Training
18 Sep 2014 - Hi Grace Dineros - Yes, all the offers discussed here should be available worldwide. There may be a few country exceptions due to various laws/rules, so please check the details of the specific offer you're interested in to verify. Thank you for the interest!
18 Sep 2014 - BTW IAMCP stands for International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners ! :-)
Grace Dineros
18 Sep 2014 - hi. is this available worldwide?
18 Sep 2014 - i want to join. How ?
Kelvin Kirby
17 Sep 2014 - And IAMCP members can connect with peers via the IAMCP Yammer network at
MPN Training
17 Sep 2014 - Hi Ryan Hernandez - This offer does not come with Second Shot.
Ryan Hernandez
17 Sep 2014 - Have we got provisions for the second shot if candidate fails the first exam attempt?
German Gold Partner
15 Sep 2014 - I totally agree to the other partners. 'Remote onboarding assistance'... are you joking? That means one of two things will happen: - NO partners needed at all (thank you Microsoft for your loyalty). - The customer will work with a partner but expects a low-budget offer because 'hey, MS can do this remotely, migration must be a no-brainer'. More of these well-thought steps, but maybe with other partners?
Jeff Goldstein
15 Sep 2014 - Erik, that is awesome, thank you for your support!
Jeff Goldstein
15 Sep 2014 - Erik, that is awesome, thank you for your support!
Marcia Nita Doron - Altico Advisors
15 Sep 2014 - Thanks, Jeff and to all who commented. I think there are many partners who agree that playing nice in the sandbox together benefits everyone. Erik and Joe - We'd love to know more about the Concur Advisor Program as well as the DigitalWPC forum. Yours, Marcia Nita Doron, Altico Advisors.
Jeff Goldstein
15 Sep 2014 - Erik, that is awesome, thank you for your support!
15 Sep 2014 - Jeff, Thanks for your decade of great introductions and mentoring. This is a great topic and we all appreciate your effort helping to make DigitalWPC a year-round forum. Finally, thanks for the introduction to Concur. Nurture Marketing has become a Concur Advisor Program Member - something that every organization that touches DynamicsERP should do!
12 Sep 2014 - You have to be a registered member of the Microsoft Partner Network to view training in the Partner Learning Center (PLC).
11 Sep 2014 - Jeff and Max have a very nice meeting breakfast yesterday in Mexico, also we went to a Jeff customers and make an introduction with the CIO, next week we are going to have a second meeting to find opportunities to star a business relationship !!! thanks Jeff, this is working well...
Anne Marie
09 Sep 2014 - So useful... I'm in the process of having to do something similar and this gives me a great start point with researching what's best for what I need! Thanks
Lee Anne Forbes
08 Sep 2014 - I agree. WPC and IAMCP are terrific avenues for partnering and for sharing common issues or obstacles in sales and marketing and creative ways to overcome them. IAMCP and WIT are two great organizations that add a great deal of value to my role as a Managed Partner marketer.
Sid Schneider
06 Sep 2014 - I've known you for many years and yes, you are correct. Personally, I find that the best way to recommend a partner is to join them at a meeting or conference call with the prospect. An intro email just does not cut it today, years ago, yes, today's biz climate, no. You and I have met prospects and have been quite successful. It's a pleasure to work with you and know you. Stay in touch!
Jeffrey Goldstein
06 Sep 2014 - Jim, thank you for the kind words of encouragement. It is great working with you and the SOHO Dragon Solutions team. Thank you for your support of the IAMCP and the New Jersey Chapter.
Jim Blottman
04 Sep 2014 - Jeff and I have been networking together for a few years now and he simply "gets it" when it comes to teamwork, business, partnering and doing the right thing. I have worked with numerous partners over the years and many of them have a one track mind only thinking of themselves. Jeff is the opposite of this attitude in the fact that he is always willing to lend a helping hand, provide advice, guidance, and presenting opportunities where they make sense. I encourage people to participate in the IAMCP and help the organization thrive. Stronger together! Thank you for your continued support, Jeff!
Ken Thoreson, Acumen Management
04 Sep 2014 - Very excited to see our program: 50 Business Tips in 50 Minutes listed!
04 Sep 2014 - Por favor por lo menos coloquenle subtitulos en nuestro idioma
Jeffrey Goldstein
04 Sep 2014 - Joe, thank you for your support of the Microsoft MPN program and the IAMCP (International Association for Microsoft Certified Partners). I am glad that they were valuable resources for you & the Concur organization and thank you for your continued support. I am looking forward to working together on the several opportunities that we have together with our customers and prospects.
Joe Martino - Concur
03 Sep 2014 - Well put Jeff and fantastic recommendations! Many thanks for your continued partnership and support. I've taken tremendous value away from your suggestion of joining the IAMCP. Let's continue working together to Connect. Lean. Grow.
Gavriella Schuster
03 Sep 2014 - Thank you for taking the time to provide your comments and feedback. As the partner lead for this program, and more broadly for MPN, it is my role to make sure that we are listening to and actively soliciting feedback from partners, and using this feedback to improve our programs and processes to identify and promote opportunities for partners to help build a profitable business working with Microsoft. As a part of the process to build this program, we solicited input from several of our top deployment partners and many customers. We learned that most customers that are ready to adopt Office 365 want to do so quickly, especially if they have tasks that can be done remotely. The majority of our Office 365 partners also shared that their biggest revenue opportunity happens once the customer is already on the platform. By shortening the time for onboarding by automating repeatable tasks required to onboard to O365, we are helping partners focus on providing high value services to customers that customers are willing to pay for. And through the partner to customer connections we make through the onboarding center, we hope to open the door for partners to deliver the higher value added services. It is up to us as a company to ensure that we deliver on the promises we’ve made regarding the program, and I want to continue to hear from you now that the programs are in market. You have an open invitation to reach out to me directly or to my team and continue to share feedback. Thank you, Gavriella Schuster, General Manager.
30 Aug 2014 - We have deployments we have been working on for 6 to 12 months and for larger customers. It looks like all the investments made will get flushed with this program. Why should we spend that kind of time talking with customers and watch MS pull the most profitable part away from us? Bad decision to proceed with this program Microsoft.
29 Aug 2014 - This has been abysmally messaged and handled. There is far more to a migration than Microsoft appreciates and customers need to understand exactly what's required to have a smooth transition to the cloud, not have Microsoft both over-simplify and under-value the process as well as make obscure promises to perform a half-*** migration.
Ludi Cortinas
28 Aug 2014 - Thank you for building a better future! By developing this type of apps you are making a huge difference, congratulations!
27 Aug 2014 - Thanks Dan, appreciate the feedback. Helping non-profit organisations is pretty rewarding and we get a real buzz from seeing their ability grow and grow.
27 Aug 2014 - I think your link to the training module doesn't work :-(
27 Aug 2014 - It's in the right direction but like others have said, the commission model selling Azure like Office 365 create greater incentives for us.
Dave Huth
22 Aug 2014 - Legacy email archive migrations to Office 365 are not included in FastTrack. Nuix Intelligent Migration is the go to solution for archive migrations to Office 365.
22 Aug 2014 - Good for Microsoft and BAD for Partners ! Microsoft will deliver direct migration services to customers reducing Partners business or will provide ridiculous founds instead (much much less than FY13). VERY DISSAPOINTED. I hope Microsoft feels the pressure of the Partners complaining about this strategy.
22 Aug 2014 - Not good news for partners who have invested in the development of migration tools and personnel Thanks Microsoft
21 Aug 2014 - MS are going to take on the migrations now :(
Steve Vighn
21 Aug 2014 - Very concern about MS offering free services for items that the partners charged for. What's next azure migrations? Lync deployments?
Saim TAŞ
15 Aug 2014 - çok faydalı olur
Saim TAŞ
15 Aug 2014 - ÇÖK FAYDALI
Dan Callahan
14 Aug 2014 - Great article Mitchell! Glad to see your success in the cloud and your help for a great non-profit. Best Dan CGNET
14 Aug 2014 - Video works great in New Zealand and we are the other side of Mars
Steven McKnight
14 Aug 2014 - Super...I have noticed certain...patterns. and this would explain things.
13 Aug 2014 - It would be great to watch these videos, but the video viewer you are using is terrible. Slow in every browser! Unusable! Please post these videos somewhere we can see them or allow us to download them.
Pierre Boulianne
06 Aug 2014 - respect et honoré par bing
Doug Groves
05 Aug 2014 - It's great to create something that's fun and has such a positive impact. You're team and you should be delighted and proud
Lee Connor
04 Aug 2014 - Great story Nigel - congratulations!
04 Aug 2014 - Glad to know Nigel and the team at LCG! BTW - My son loves the spelling bee app! Will be sharing it with his class this year!
David E. Patrick
04 Aug 2014 - I'm always impressed with Nigel and his team at LCG!
01 Aug 2014 - test
Mark E
25 Jul 2014 - Very interesting article and interesting comments. You could argue this should be available to partners for Free. Why not - they drive your business without partners MS would be back to selling operating systems preinstalled on PCs. Its the partners that show what can be done. As for cloud - I am sure there are loads of pointy haired bosses who would embrace any idea and so it happens.
23 Jul 2014 - Is it possible to take advantage of this offer still?
Transport truck sales
23 Jul 2014 - Transport truck sales Our inventory is all over Canada & USA. These trucks are owned by the trucking companies or owner operators who have asked for our help to locate retail or wholesale buyers and we Buy & Sell Used Trucks including Sleepers, Daycabs and Straight Trucks! Other services we offer: 1. Financing (new and used trucks) 2. Extended Warranties (used trucks) 3. Factoring to help your
Lee Anne Forbes
21 Jul 2014 - WPC 2014 was great! All the WIT events were extremely valuable and well done. Delighted to attend and participate. KUDOS to WIT!
18 Jul 2014 - How do we process to buy these discounted vouchers ?
16 Jul 2014 - Sounds good
16 Jul 2014 - speed problems - seriously.... would Apple have cut costs on bandwidth?
Ravi Potturi
15 Jul 2014 - Great
15 Jul 2014 - I found it! They should update this page. The search tags are not good for his on the App Store. Found it with world wide partner conference 2014 Other search terms bring up nothing It exists. Thank you
15 Jul 2014 - How is Microsoft delivering on the mobile first world if they can't even have an app for a large portion of the mobile market for those who are actively trying to engage Microsoft. This is not a challenger mentality; it's the same old ways. It's frustrating because wpc has shown great ideas, but obviously the execution still isn't there.
15 Jul 2014 - How do I download this to watch on the train?
15 Jul 2014 - how do I download this video to watch on the train?
15 Jul 2014 - Motherboard model information and cpu/gpu/hdd temperature in task manager would be cool too for us advanced computer users who build our own pc's.
15 Jul 2014 - it would be cool if microsoft buys avast, gpuz and cpuz and includes them in windows 9. I think its time for a video / video game capturing app that would work with xbox one and other devices and applications.
15 Jul 2014 - it would be nice to have an advanced feature for task manager to be able to select more than one process or service and disable or terminate them.
15 Jul 2014 - I would like to be able to right click service properties in task manager and change startup type right from task manager. a more detailed task manager with detailed information on gpu such as name and model and usage.improved task manager with more accurate information such as proper network usage with ethernet and wireless, i never seem to get accurate uppload and download data in task manager
Juana Castro
14 Jul 2014 - Lovely mix!!!!!
14 Jul 2014 - marvelous
14 Jul 2014 - Scott Guthrie == Blue shirt => Does not compute.
Brian @ AgileIT
14 Jul 2014 - Thanks Phil, definitely want to learn more about the Cloud Signature Support coming in September as we do focus a lot of effort on our migration services here at Agile IT.
14 Jul 2014 - so what **is** the margin model on azure or o465 sales for partners?
David Howard
14 Jul 2014 - No IOS app on day 1. #fail
13 Jul 2014 - Babar & JP...if you are having trouble downloading the unity player than go download mLevel from any of the public app stores. Once you install the app inset either MPNAzure or MPNOffice365 in the username field and hit login. You will be redirected to the live I'd login page but once you authenticate will be returned to the app and can begin playing.
13 Jul 2014 - last year lenny kravitz...!
Carillon Brig
13 Jul 2014 - I agree with David Howard. Looking forward to Satya, but Kevin Turner? Not so much. Give us visionaries and doers, not a dorky sales guy.
Mike Sanders
13 Jul 2014 - Do people still use IOS?
12 Jul 2014 - iOS app release eta?
11 Jul 2014 - I am using surface 2. It does not work on it.
11 Jul 2014 -
Craig Joseph
11 Jul 2014 - Hi, is there an update on when the iOS version will be available? Many thanks
Martin Saunders
11 Jul 2014 - Hi, do you know when the Apple iOS version will be released?
Kirsty Nenadic
10 Jul 2014 - Great advice for FTA Jeff, look forward to meeting you on Sunday.
08 Jul 2014 - Does this mean I have to schedule the exams by August 31st and take them by December 31st, or can I schedule the exams after August 31st?
08 Jul 2014 - We lost our licenses to CRM along with the 250 for Office 365 and I was told MPN call center in the philipines that it is not possible to access our CRM and that the data is lost forever! This is not acceptable!
W. Wardell
08 Jul 2014 - I wish I had had this info when I was a hiring manager for one of my former employers. It could have saved a lot of time and money.
Susan Harkema, BluePrint Healthcare IT
07 Jul 2014 - Super helpful on crafting our WPC strategy! "Brilliant!"
Michael A. Jackson
06 Jul 2014 - Would love to attend the conference unfortunately I am in a position that will not allow me to fund the trip for several months, possibly more. Hopefully I can work out the funding situation. After owning my firm for 18 years Federal Laws shutdown my as well as my competitions' business. Good luck. I really would like to see you prevail.
Michael A. Jackson
06 Jul 2014 - It is here and it will not be going away anytime soon! It is an opportunity that simply can't be ignored! The ongoing questions will be what can be offered to make Rosebud stand out from the competition other than simply price? What other services can be associated with the Cloud base services that others have failed to see? Make Rosebud's customer service extremely valuable! Even more!
Dana Manciagli
05 Jul 2014 - Invest time in YOUR career! Come to my session on Wednesday, July 16th from 4m - 5pm. Need private coaching? Connect with me at WPC for a free 30 minute consulting session. Open to men and women, of course, no matter what the title says! See you there! Dana Manciagli cell 206-849-1000
JP Breton
04 Jul 2014 - The unity Web player is not loading on Win8.1 Tried on 2 different PC.
03 Jul 2014 - Thx, I only have a windows phone. The best phone.
Giacomo Listi
02 Jul 2014 - Hello! Thank you so much for your curiosity in what LifeLine Response does. You can download LifeLine Response on your iPhone or your Android phone at the following link: Don't worry Windows lovers because LifeLine Response has partnered with Microsoft to make it available soon! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated! @LLResponse
02 Jul 2014 - Can you extend the contest ? :-)
02 Jul 2014 - So, why can't I find this in the app store?
Mark Wells
02 Jul 2014 - Brilliant insight into how to plan and run your first WPC
Michelle Hollis
01 Jul 2014 - Love the reach outside the circle tip, it is so easy to get caught up with people from your region/locale and not integrate with new people. To make the best of both points above, during the last few WPC's, I had a goal of seeking out to meet at least 4 new people at each event and introduce those new contacts to at least 3 existing contacts.
EJ Harof
01 Jul 2014 - Hello I spent a lot of time putting together the video and messaging that I felt would provide the greatest value to people All the contacts I have spoken with (100s) cannot find where to view them through your link This is very disappointing. I am sure the others worked very hard also. Can you make it easier to access? I have tried 6 different links and then there are too many steps to see it
EJ Harof
01 Jul 2014 - Hello I spent a lot of time putting together the video and messaging that I felt would provide the greatest value to people All the contacts I have spoken with (100s) cannot find where to view them through your link This is very disappointing. I am sure the others worked very hard also. Can you make it easier to access? I have tried 6 different links and then there are too many steps to see it
Jeff Hilton
01 Jul 2014 - Good point Tony. But Starbucks is so popular!

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